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Picture this. You are snuggled by the fire (or the Yule log video on your television), it's snowing outside, the good stuff that is fluffy, but you can also make snowmen. You are curled up in fuzzy socks, with a cup of hot chocolate, and Josh Groban/Michael Buble/Mariah Carey/Bing Crosby/N SYNC is playing your favourite holiday tunes softly from your Bluetooth speaker. You look up, and staring back at you is this bright-eyed, stoic watercolour soldier, there to inspire nostalgia for Christmases passed. It's more majestic than it sounds.

Whether you are a fan of The Nutcracker book, The Nutcracker ballet, The Nutcracker movie (remember the one from the 90's with Macaulay Culkin?) or even just the wooden doll that cracks nuts, this print depicts The Nutcracker and the mischievous Mouse King in subtle watercolours.

A perfect seasonal addition to any