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The Full Story

A hyper focused hot mess with a smut addiction

Hello beautiful people!

My name is Sawyer and it is my absolute pleasure to meet you. I am so happy you are here. I am an erotic romance author, narrator, artist, and all-around spice positive storyteller. I create cheeky characters, vivid new worlds and luscious stories in an attempt to provide you with a brief escape from the shit show that is planet Earth. And my books are only half the story. This website is also dedicated to my other passion, painting pretty pictures. I am a proud Canadian who loves the snow but dislikes leaving the house. When I am not buried in my writing, I am buried in my reading. I also love 80s music, 90s movies and vintage wine. 

Fun facts about me:

I always have a book with me. 
I have ADHD and take pride in the fact that I am a delightful weirdo.
I love to sing in the shower.
Foot tickles relax me more than a massage.
Spicy ramen noodles are my favourite food. 

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